Great 404 Pages List – Inspiration for a creative 404 page

Mistakes happen and links are written wrong or pages are removed without redirection to a related page. When this happen people get a 404 Page with 404 Error Page. While a lot of websites have boring 404 pages simply stating no such page exists other website’s get really creative including helpful options but also design & images that reflect their brand.

Below you will find som of the great 404 pages of 2019. I hope these examples inspire you no matter if you are a web designer or business owner that want a better and more creative 404 page.

So let’s get started.

List of websites with great 404 Pages in 2019

WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP 404 Page

WordPress VIP have some suggestions for both non clients and clients.
Non-clients get to read more about WordPress VIP services & contact them while clients can look into they documention or Submit a support request.

Spotify Web Player

Spotify Web Player 404 Page displays Justin-Bieber's song Sorry
Spotify Web Player 404 Page displays Justin-Bieber’s song Sorry

Spotify’s Web Player 404 page is creative and entertaining.
It has a Vynil as a background image and Spotify’s music player with Justin Bieber’s song Sorry. While this 404 page may not give that much value to the users it really reflects Spotify’s brand while keeping it fun.

Adobe Uncharted waters

Adobe shows a photo that is edited/manipulated to show power of their software such as Photoshop.

Dribbble 404 Popular designs Matching Colors

Dribbble’s 404 page gives you option to choose a color and see designs with that kind of color but also they have a search bar where you can search for designs or designers.
So if you are looking for inspiration with specific color head to Dribbble’s 404 page.

HBO Nordic

HBO Nordic 404 Page 2019

HBO’s Nordic 404 Page looks beautiful having a big 404 together with a image from one of their shows.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson 404 Page

Johnson & Johnson is an American company that offers the world’s largest range of consumer healthcare products. They decided to keep their 404 page fun showing a photo of a kid with a patch together with title “Oops! We have a boo-boo”. Boo-boo seems to be an American slang for mistake.

Amazon 404 Page of Dogs

Amazon decided to show just how dog friendly they are by showing different photos of dogs and their names. Each time you update their 404 page you get a new photo of a new dog. They also included a link that goes to their Met the dogs of Amazon blog post.

Marvel 404 Page


Marvel tries to keep their 404 page fun for their fans by writing “Not even the eye of uatu sees your request…” (real fans should understand the joke) and having an image of a woman with open hand on top which an eye is floating.
The eye actually looks wherever you point your mouse.

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment 404 Page 2019

Blizzard Entertainment creators of World of Warcraft choose to keep their 404 page entertaining. There is a short loop video of a Murloc standing in a snow together with text below sayng “We’ve dispatched a rescue murloc to guide you back to safety.”. They have also a button below saying “Mmmrrgmgrrrgmmll!” that goes to their homepage. If you have played WoW you will understand.


Disney 404 Page 2019

Disney keeps their 404 page fun with their characters. What is great to see is that they included a search bar on their page so whoever did get a 404 error they could try to search for that topic.

Do you know of some more 404 page that should be mentioned in this blog post ? Feel free to leave a comment below.






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