Google Analytics Filter out own ip address

If you have Google Analytics then probably the real reason and the biggest two reasons are

  1. You would like to know how many website visitors you have
  2. You want to see the right number of your visitors you have on website with Google Analytics


Here is what i noticed when working with some bigger companies.
They usually visit they website alot in the begining.
They check for example

  1. Is the website up
  2. Did they or the author write everything right
  3. Does everything work
  4. Does everything look good
  5. Did anybody leave any comments etc. etc.

Therefore, you should always use Google Analytics Filter to filter out their own and yours ip adress.
That way they will get more accurate statistic, and they avoid thinking they have alot of visitors when they don’t have.


How to filter out an ip address with Google Analytics Filter

First go to Google Analytics Filter.
You will do that by choosing your website in Google Analytics and then going to  Admin > Account > All filters > + New Filter .

In the field Filter name you should enter some name that will make it easier to know what filter it is. This is because some people may have alot of filters and they should know same second what filter it is by seeing it’s name.
Filter type should be Pre-defined filter.

Under Filter type choose Exclude, traffic from the IP addresses , that are equal to. See also the image here under.

Google Analytics filter out ip address

Inside IP address fields you should enter in your own ip address or that companies ip address.
The easiest way of finding out your ip address is going to Google and searching for What Is My IP Address?

Under Apply Filter to Views > Available Views you should see All Web Site Data. This may be called something else if you changed the default name or if you have Google Analytics in another language.
Click on All Web Site Data and then on the button in the middle that says Add.

Now All Web Site Data should move from Available Views to Selected views.

Click on Save and Voila, it is done.

Go to Reporting > Real-Time > Overview and open new tab or window to visit your website.
Now check for safety if you come up in Google Analytics Real-Time tab.


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