Wouldn’t it be awesome to get an email everytime some new information appears about you online. This way you would allways know of your Online reputation.
Well good news, now you can. Google have this new thing that is called Me on web , it let’s you find out the same second an article comes up about you in their results.. The best thing with Me on web besides that it let’s you find out about everything about you online is that it is free.

Online reputation - Find out when new information about you appears online

On Me on web page you can choose Stay current with web alerts and add some of names and keywords.

You can choose two options for emailing after choosing keywords

How often
You can choose As it happends, once a day or once a week.
I myself would recommend you to choose once a day because otherwise you will be getting alot of emails if there is alot of posts about you.
Once a week just feels to long time and to late to find out if there is any negative reputation.

Send to
Here you will choose where all emails should be sended to. However you will not be able to add a new email address at this page.
To add a new email address you have to go to googles account settings and add a new email address there.Keywords i would recommend is to choose what you work with, place you are from, place you live on and your email address.


  • Search for yourself
  • Review your Google+ profile



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In one of my upcoming posts i will write how to get controll over your Online reputation.