You probably didn’t know this but Google Maps have a function that tracks were you / where you have been. This may feel be as bad as good, i will explain in a moment.
You can go to their page and see were you have been exactly at exactly what time.
To do that you can google for Location history or click here to get to Location History page.


Here is how it looks on Location History Page

Google Location History Valencia Spain 7 march 2014


Location History Good or Bad

The idea of getting tracked where you are or have been may scare some people.
But when it comes to me i think that it is awesome there is a function like that as long it is not sharing my location with other people. Google Maps – Location History locations / places are only visible by the Google account owner, it will say you.There is no sharing functions like it was in Google latitude wich is just perfect.

For somebody other then you to see the places they would have to get access to your Google account to see all the places.
I like to have a chance to be able to see where i was 1 month, 2 months, 3 months ago and so on.
For example when i was in Valencia (Spain) i would usually not write down in my phone where i am (if i like the place), because i had the possibility to look it up later where i was what time and day.


How to disable Google Maps – Location History

Of course if you would like instead to disable this you could allways do that by going to Location History > History settings.
Then all you have to do is choose Disable and click on save button.
Google Maps Location History - History Disable or Enable