Not many of people likes to think about they own death or death in particulary.
However let’s face it, we are all going to die someday. Unless you are wolverine (movie character).

It is important to make plans what will and should happend after you’re gone or can not use your account longer.
That’s why Google did launch a new feature that is called Inactive Account Manager.
I would describe it best like Google web testament or Google online testament feature.

Click here to go to Google’s inactive account manager.
You can also find it by going to your Google account settings page > Data tools > Inactive account manager.



Inactive account manager / Web testament setup settings


Googles web testament - Alert Me


You will start of by adding your mobile phone number. It is required, and it should be your number that you allways use. Reason for it is because will warn you 1month before period expires to log in. If you then don’t see the text and miss it your data will be sended to email adresses ,alternatively deleted.

After the phone number you can add email addresses you use. This is also important for the same reason as phone number.


Googles web testament - Timeout period


You can select timeout period all from 3months up to 18 months i.e up to 1½year.
You will be alerted 1months before the period expires so you can log in in time.


Googles web testament - Trusted contact

Googles web testament - Data to be shared


Then it’s time to choose with who and what to share with.
Remember that when you choose drive then it’s all from your google drive that get’s shared.
Also make sure to not choose only one friend wich changes phone number whole time.
If you do that and he/she changes number than he/she will not get the verification code wich they will need to acces data.



Googles web testament - Auto response

Auto-response for gmail is one of awesome things with this feature.
It let’s you set an auto-repsonse that will automaticly response at most once every 4 days.
I.e if somebody contacts you 4 or more times they will get this response back from your gmail.



Googles web testament - Delete account

And in the end, when everything is done you’re google account can get deleted if you wish.



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