So, you maybe planing on developing an websites but don’t know what is better. This article “Framework vs grid system” will explain diffrence between an framework and grid system.
After that the only thing left will be for you to decide wich you are going to choose.


Three important questions.

  • Is it important that your website loads fast ?
  • Is it important that your file sizes are lightweight & minimal ?
  • Do you have enough of time for creating the website ?


Grid system

If you answered yes on all three questions above then i would tell you to choose an grid system.
Grid system doesn’t have big file sizes and should be less then 80kb. It all also depends if it is responsive grid or not.
I would recomend you to choose the grid that is already responsive. This is going to improve user experience alot, because it make’s you website resize and look better on tablets and phones.



If you don’t care about file size & load time and want to get done fast with the website then you should absolutely use some framework like Bootstrap or Doundation Zurb. When downloading them you will get 492kb package from bootstrap and 872kb from Foundation Zurb. That is pretty much if you haven’t even started with a website, but of course they have alot of default colors, default font sizes, functions etc.

If you will use  more then 70% of those things then it would be worth to download the default package. Else you could allways go to their customize page and choose things you are going to use. This will then decrease file sizes and you will get only those id’s,classes and functions that you’re going to need.


I hope i did help you understand better and choosing right between Framework and grid system.
Leave a comment below if you have any questions or just want to say thank you.