Last couple of months i have seen really weird websites appear inside both mine and my clients Google Analytics referrals report.
Since i didn’t have any time to look it up so much i left it instead for later and after solving the problem i now choose to share it with you in hope to help you too. So here it is, how to exclude spam referring links in Google Analytics.


Lets start first with what kind of referral links i have seen in Google Analytics reports.
I have pasted just three of darodar links in here but there are more.
Each website seems to have diffrent topic referring link to darodar.


1. Go to your Google Analytcs and, choose your site. I would recommend you to do this on on every site you have google analytics on.
2. Click now on admin. You will find it in the top of page inside navigation / menu.
Now it should look something like on this image right below.
3. Click now on All filters.

Google Analytics Admin


4. Click on +New filter

Google Analytics Filter



5. Write your filter name
6. Click on custom and then choose exclude Referral.
7. Inside filter pattern write the url you want to exclude.
8. Where it says Available Views choose wich you would like to exclude on, in my case i choose All Web Site Data.
9. Click on save and that’s it!

Exclude spam referring links in Google Analytics (New custom filter)
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